As a business owner, you have concerns about keeping your business safe. Still, it can be difficult to balance the burden of security protection with all of your other responsibilities, especially if you have multiple locations to oversee.

Many business owners have integrated Mobile Security Management into their security protection to help balance their many obligations. As easy to use as any other app on your mobile device, Mobile Security Management allows you to access your security systems from anywhere. How do you know when it’s time to make the jump to a mobile solution? Here are six reasons you should consider mobile security management for your business.

1. You Travel Regularly

Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, spending time out of the office can make it difficult to oversee your business security and operations. Mobile Security Management allows business owners to receive email and text alerts directly to their smartphones or mobile devices, helping to ensure that they are the first to know if anything goes wrong.

 Mobile Security Management also allows you to arm or disarm the system from your mobile device, bypassing specified zones, for example, if you have construction underway, and even activating and deactivating burglar alarm system administration codes on the go.

2. You Want to Avoid Late Opens and Early Closes

 Mobile Security Management means you can receive regular alerts on your smartphone or mobile device, so you can monitor on-site activity 24/7, helping to ensure that business schedules are followed even in your absence.

Choose to receive regular open and close alerts if you’d like to keep a close eye on things, or elect to receive alerts only under specified circumstances. For example, a business owner might request to receive an alert five minutes after the scheduled closing time, in the event that the security system hasn’t yet been armed.

3. You Receive Packages or Schedule Maintenance After Hours

Giving out your access code can be risky, and scheduling an employee to let someone in after hours is complicated and inconvenient.  Mobile Security Management allows you to disarm your security system from your mobile device with the touch of a button, arming the system again once the package is delivered or the maintenance is complete.

You can even bypass a specific zone while continuing to secure the rest of your business. For example, you may want to give a plumber access to the restroom facilities, but not to the back office, where you might store cash drawers in a safe.

4. You’d Like to Improve Your Work-Life Balance.

Running your own business is often more than a full-time job; but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your entire life.  Mobile Security Management can help business owners transform their work-life balance, so they never have to miss an important family event or reschedule a vacation again. Mobile Security Management technology means you can interact with your security system and receive important alerts in real time – you stay in the loop, no matter where you are.

You can even use the video “look in” feature to see what’s happening on-site with your own eyes. Whether investigating suspicious events or simply checking in on daily procedures,  Mobile Security Management can give you the freedom to live your life, without compromising the success of your business.

5. You Oversee Multiple Locations or Have Plans to Expand Someday.

Yes, you’re only one person; but that doesn’t mean you should have to limit your business to one location. Mobile Security Management makes it easy to interact with multiple sites, so there’s no limit to how many locations you can secure remotely as you grow. Whether you manage a few local fast-food franchises or a business with establishments across multiple states, you can stay connected to each location.

6. You’d Like to Know How Your Business Runs When You’re Away.

It’s common knowledge that observing a subject changes behavior, which is why many business owners wish they could be a fly on the wall, to see how things really run when they’re out of the office. In addition to streamlining security management, Mobile Security Management can also help you gain valuable insights into employee behavior, customer service and productivity by sending you alerts or even providing video clips for later review.  


Get the Most Out of Integrating Mobile Security Management

Mobile Security Management is a powerful tool – not just for protecting your business but also for overseeing daily procedures, wherever you are.


Discover even more ways this tool can help your business with “Five Reasons to Use Mobile Security Management Applications”.


To help ensure that you get the most out of your mobile security management system, it’s important to find a security partner that you can count on. TycoIS has more than 140 years of experience helping business owners like you protect and preserve what matters most. When you partner with TycoIS for your mobile security management needs, you’ll receive responsive service and support from a team of experts who understand your community and your local regulations.

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