World-Class Physical Security Integration Solutions Designed to Optimize Your Strategic Approach: Tyco Integrated Security Advanced Services can help companies with a need to deploy complex, enterprise-wide security solutions that can help increase ROI, optimize deployed business processes, and improve overall profitability. If our goals sound a little different for a security integrator, they definitely are.

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Phase 1 - Discovery:  In this critical first step we meet with key organizational stakeholders to gain an understanding of the strategic business objectives, and challenges, such as cost management, continuous operational improvement, and risk mitigation. In addition, we take inventory of current technologies and resources, as well as, review current policies and procedures.

Phase 2 - Roadmap:  With a holistic approach, we provide strategic recommendations for an integrated solution - systems and technologies:

  • Suggestions to help facilitate continuous process improvement
  • Update and/or automate policies and procedures
  • Identify systems that may feature dead-end technologies
  • Leverage the expertise of the industry’s most experienced team of dedicated IP Solutions professionals
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Phase 3 - Implementation:  Key components of this phase include, maintaining project plan timelines, risk mitigation, setting priorities, and training.Our Dedicated IP Solutions Group of certified engineers and technicians, work closely with in-house IT professionals to design a unique and flexible framework capable of adapting to business, industry, and operational changes. Typically our engineers provide a 1-3-5 year phased implementation plan to help organizations have more fluid deployments. The end result is a solution that can drive operational efficiencies through integration with critical back office systems, offer competitive differentiation, generate long term revenue, and provide the lowest possible long term total cost of ownership.

Our key capabilities and assets:

  • Eight global Centers of Excellence (6-US, 1-Canada, 1-global)
  • More than 300 design and support associates
  • Industry Certifications:
    •  70+ team members certified by Microsoft®
    •  40+ certified by Cisco with 3 CCIEs
    •  20+ NICET certified at Levels III & IV
  • Direct relationships with OEM development teams
  • Extensive inventory
  • Online software support, maintenance and service (available 24/7)
  • Highly trained sales team
  •  In-house project management, engineering, CAD design, and fabrication
  •  Dedicated IP Solutions Group
  •  Breath and depth of capabilities
  •  Unparalleled proven experience
  •  In-house training personnel and facilities
  • Factory certified technicians
  • World class monitoring centers, equipped with state-of-the-art CRM systems (available 24/7)
  • Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Certified

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