Resources for a Proactive Food Defense Program: when it comes to food defense, a single incident can have a disastrous consequence to your brand. Tyco Integrated Security has implemented a solid food defense methodology called the Four A’s – Assess, Access, Alert and Audit – to proactively help protect food throughout the entire food supply chain, from production through distribution to eventual point of sale.

What Are The Four A's of Food Defense? Hear from the experts on how the Four A’s of a proactive Food Defense program can deliver the actionable intelligence to protect your food supply chain.

Actionable Food Defense: Assess Actionable Food Defense: Access
Actionable Food Defense: Alert Actionable Food Defense: Audit


White Papers- Tyco Integrated Security's Food Defense Whitepaper Series focuses on key issues facing security and supply chain practitioners in the Food and Beverage Industry:

FSMA's New Mandate Recalls Brand Protection


Comprehensive Monitoring and Reporting for FSMA Compliance: The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 is the most significant expansion of food safety requirements and FDA food safety authority in over 70 years.  The focus is on implementing preventive controls to protect against food adulteration incidents from happening versus reacting to events after they occur.

At Tyco Integrated Security we can show you how to effectively implement preventive food defense controls to address a number of critical concerns, including:

  • Strengthening points of vulnerability everywhere along your supply chain
  • Food adulteration countermeasures in both manufacturing and transport
  • Access control and personnel authorization
  • Monitoring of sensitive data with video and a variety of sensors along with response plans for any trigger events

With our comprehensive understanding of FSMA, we can deliver industry-leading security solutions that provide full legal compliance while helping to reduce risks to your products and profits.

HACCP Certification

Leading the Industry in Protecting the Food Chain: Deliberate contamination of the food supply is one of the easiest ways to harm large segments of the population. This not only has vital national security ramifications, but a single incident could critically damage your company.

Tyco Integrated Security is working closely with private industry, government agencies and other security resources to continuously improve our strategies and tactics to help protect not only our clients but the public at large. Some of these actions are kept secret for obvious reasons, but here are a couple of examples:

We are certified by the Department of Homeland Security’s Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act. This provides our clients with legal protection in the event of a terrorist attack. We conduct an annual Food Defense Strategy Exchange that pulls together key officials from the FDA, USDA, leading researchers from academia, and innovative corporate practitioners to address the most challenging issues in protecting the whole food supply chain from intentional food adulteration. It is the only event in the industry exclusively focused on Food Defense. We are continuously striving to improve our methods so that our clients are always proactively protecting their business instead of reacting to contain a crisis.

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