Using the security systems you already have in place, Tyco Integrated Security helps you do more to make your business operations smarter.  Thinking beyond security, we help you find ways to enhance productivity, minimize business risks, and improve your profitability.

Many companies are finding new ways to make their businesses safer and more efficient, taking advantage of advanced capabilities to help monitor, protect and facilitate their everyday operations.

When it comes to finding new ways to enhance your business operations, consider the value-added monitoring and support services provided by Tyco Integrated Security. Contact a specialist to learn more.

Video escort services -- protecting your people and assets

Using your own video security cameras, Tyco Integrated Security specialists can offer remote Video Escort service for employees who are entering or leaving your facility, handling cash or valuables, or performing other sensitive tasks.

  • Increased employee safety
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Employee-initiated
  • More cost effective than physical guards
  • Available for shift changes or closing hours

DataSource Account Management Portal -- helping you keep operations running on time

Nothing hurts overall profitability more than having locations that open late, or close early. Our DataSource account management portal monitors and records when one of your facilities doesn’t open on time, and lets you know of schedule exceptions at all of your facilities.

DataSource is a smart solution that can help you increase profits:

  • Better insight into the on-time performance of facilities and departments
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through better management oversight
  • Flexibility to personalize report information to your exact business needs
  • Information that helps you take needed action relating to open/close activities

Video Guard Tours -- remote video guard tours performed on your schedule

Video Guard Tours supervised by Tyco Integrated Security specialists are a cost-saving alternative to having physical security guards around the clock. At precisely scheduled times, the specialists at our Customer Monitoring Centers will utilize a remote video tour, with voice-down capabilities if a potential problem is detected.

Video Guard Tours help you bring cost savings and improved operational procedures to your operation:

  • Cost savings due to reduction or redeployment of physical guards
  • Supports compliance requirements
  • Creates documented, consistent protocols
  • Superior coverage of large facilities
  • Assists responders with off-site “eyes on” the situation

Unattended Deliveries -- providing monitored service around the clock

Unattended Delivery service can help you manage deliveries without the overhead of a dedicated employee on site.  With Unattended Delivery, a Tyco Integrated Security specialist allows delivery drivers to enter your facility to deliver merchandise outside of normal business hours and without a store employee present. The Tyco operator then can monitor entire delivery progress remotely through your on-premise video cameras. It is up to you as to the level of monitoring that is performed:

  • Eliminates the need to issue keys
  • May reduce inventory shrink
  • Supports overnight location restocking to improve revenue and inventory turnover
  • Eliminates need to have personnel after hours to accept deliveries, and helps reduce physical guard costs
  • Can be used other than for deliveries, e.g., vending or maintenance crews

Video Alarm Verification — helping you reduce the cost of false alarms.

Video Alarm Verification is a Tyco-supervised service that can help reduce operating costs while enhancing overall security. Video verification allows Tyco Integrated Security operators to remotely view on-premise cameras, verify alarm conditions, open voice communication with site, and notify police if required:

  • Reduces false alarm dispatches and associated fines
  • Faster than dispatched personnel
  • Allows Tyco Integrated Security specialist to view and record alarm activated video clips
  • Assists responders with off-site “eyes on” the situation
  • Supports compliance requirements
  • Cost savings with outsourced monitoring

Learn more about how we can tailor our vast menu of security service options to help you get the most out of your security system. Contact a Tyco Integrated Security specialist today.

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