Alvin Petroleum Systems is a premium petroleum provider located in New York with three central office locations spread out across one block. Without much foot traffic after hours and recent reports of local business vandalism and theft, the company sought a uniform, centralized indoor and outdoor security solution to help prevent similar issues and enhance employee productivity.

To help ensure safety after hours and increase employee productivity, Tyco Integrated Security proposed unified intrusion, surveillance and access control solutions for inside and outside the facilities, selecting products that can withstand the harsh weather conditions endured in the area.

Tyco Integrated Security implemented security systems across each of Alvin Petroleum Systems’ locations which offer flexibility for specific users to access information from any solution, regardless of their location. For example, authorized users can grant access to visitors or monitor in-and outdoor video surveillance at different building locations, even if the authorized user is offsite. This helped improve productivity levels across the board, as staff members can remotely access security solutions and carry on with their day-to-day responsibilities from anywhere, at any time.

Since Tyco Integrated Security completed the installation in March 2013, Alvin Petroleum Systems’ employee productivity nearly doubled and concerns such as vandalism and theft have been nonissues. The company is also considering installing a video verification system to help improve efficiency and reduce false alarms.

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