How a Top 20 commercial bank met the challenge of sometimes incompatible security systems.


Following several years of growth through acquisitions, Citizens Bank, a Top 20 commercial Bank headquartered in Providence, R.I. with more than $70 billion in assets, found itself with inherited and oftentimes incompatible security systems throughout its network of 1,400 retail branches and ATM locations. At one point, especially after the Citizens acquisition in 2001 of Mellon Bank, the Bank was dealing with a number of security vendors providing multiple branch alarm panels and monitoring services. This contributed to higher than planned security costs, varying levels of service and support, and an unproductive environment for its security and branch personnel.


Tyco Integrated Security teamed with Citizens Bank, an institution undergoing substantial growth, by designing a Bank-managed security command center to monitor and report all of its branch alarm activities and by upgrading and standardizing the Bank's network of alarm panels.


Over the course of five years, Citizens Bank went from relying on the Tyco Integrated Security National Monitoring Center to the Tyco Integrated Security-designed Mastermind branch alarm monitoring and reporting system - open architecture technology designed to communicate with Tyco Integrated Security's, as well as with other industry standard alarm panels. In phase one, Tyco Integrated Security converted the alarm panels of all former Mellon branches to the new Citizens Bank specification. In phase two, Tyco Integrated Security converted the balance of the Bank's 855 branches throughout the Northeast to this same security standard. As part of the standardization, Tyco Integrated Security also incorporated a new network access control system of over 500 card readers to tighten security for the Bank's 25 non-retail locations, including data centers and headquarter facilities.


Tyco Integrated Security developed a solution that communicates on the Bank's network, both improving security and lowering overall security costs for Citizens Bank. Consequently, the Bank controls the management and alarm reporting of its security operations, ensuring more consistent end user operation and achieving lower false alarm rates. Most importantly, Citizens Bank has a security system capable of keeping pace with the Bank's growth plans.

"As we have grown through acquisitions, Tyco Integrated Security has helped us streamline our security management, supporting us with a national account program and a service delivery infrastructure that mirrors our growing footprint," said Paul Gvazdauskas, Vice President, Corporate .