A fast-growing regional financial institution, referred to in this case study as the Bank, was interested in improving security performance and reducing security-equipment related service costs. To accomplish these goals, the Bank turned to Tyco Integrated Security to implement scalable, common standards of security technologies throughout their facility network.

“When Tyco Integrated Security first began supporting the Bank’s security requirements, it was apparent that their performance in helping other top tier institutions apply security technology standards was a key factor to this customer,” said Sal Panarello, Tyco Integrated Security national account manager for the Bank. “Not only did we have the project management and installation resources to efficiently upgrade all of the Bank’s alarm and video surveillance systems, but our 200-plus service offices put Tyco Integrated Security well within the Bank’s requirement of one-to-four hour service response for each branch in their footprint,” Panarello added.

Security Surveillance improved through network-wide DVR upgrade

Tyco Integrated Security replaced the Bank’s under-performing analog (VHS) CCTV surveillance equipment with IP-enabled digital video systems. “Our project installation teams have specified and implemented video management systems for some of the largest banking networks in the country,” said Mike Yankovich, Tyco Integrated Security senior manager, Project Installation, one of three dedicated field project managers assigned to the Bank’s multi-person support team.

“We upgraded the Bank, region after region, following a regiment of installation, programming, testing and training that met the customer’s and Tyco Integrated Security’s strong standards. We completed this phase of the project within budget and under the customer’s aggressive deadline,” Yankovich added.

The Bank’s surveillance coverage typically includes ten points per banking center: 4 station teller line, 2 front door/vestibules, branch exit door, vault, ATM monitoring and main lobby profile. In addition, the Bank’s upgraded video recording system can now maintain a minimum of 90 days of compressed digital image storage capacity for every banking center, which allows specific digital images to be accessed in only seconds. Other benefits of the Bank’s new video management system include:

  • Common surveillance technology standard for easier employee training and operation
  • Remote image accessibility and transmission
  • Capacity to help reduce false alarms through video verification notice
  • Ability to network all DVRs with IP compatibility to one central station
  • More precise and versatile surveillance operations throughout the enterprise
  • Helped reduce surveillance service costs

“By anticipating the next business requirements of growing financial customers like the Bank, Tyco Integrated Security is able to deliver ongoing security solutions that address customer needs today and for the future,” concluded Sal Panarello. “Of all the important things we do for this customer, the metric we are most proud of is the 90+% satisfaction ranking the Bank has awarded our teams for overall performance.”

Greater efficiencies achieved with single network alarm standard

Tyco Integrated Security was also contracted to replace and upgrade the Bank’s varied facility alarm panels with a common, open architecture alarm panel for all their banking centers and ATMs. IP-compatible digital alarm panels were installed by Tyco Integrated Security in all Bank branch facilities. This allows alarm signals to communicate on the Bank’s IP network at far less cost than on dedicated phone lines.

“Tyco Integrated Security also configured and supplied the front-end alarm monitoring systems for the Bank’s three redundant command centers. They provided a turnkey solution, which included a master service agreement for the entire alarm network,” commented Panarello.

About Tyco Integrated Security 

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