Recent workplace violence tragedies have shed light on the need for effective security and notification technology to be implemented at the enterprise level. Understanding this need for a more sophisticated technology, a Tyco Integrated Security (TycoIS) customer and international provider of avionics and communications systems for government agencies and aircraft manufacturers wanted to ensure its employees could be immediately notified of a workplace violence incident and be able to take action. While the security team was eager to implement ideas it had brainstormed, it could not find anything resembling what it was looking for that already existed in the market. The customer’s security team developed a comprehensive program plan for an “imminent threat notification system,” including employee training, while tasking system integrator TycoIS with providing the corresponding security technology that would integrate with other electronic systems into a global command center for the customer.


TycoIS worked with its manufacturers to design a solution that met the customer’s complex needs by compiling various components of commercial devices. One of the pain points of the design process revolved around the fact that blue pull stations and strobe lights do not come standard from manufacturers. TycoIS designed new blue pull stations, embossed with the word, “security,” and blue speaker strobes to accommodate the customer’s updated mass notification security needs. Furthermore, the TycoIS team ensured the scope of work defined the complete design, detailing functions for every part of the system so technicians installing the system would understand the full picture.

TycoIS also worked with the customer to design and develop the command center, with central station specifications and complete virtual backup so that the security team can monitor both the imminent threat system and view any of their already existing 800 cameras around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Prior to the imminent threat system installation and integration with the command center, the TycoIS team held kickoff meetings with the customer’s corporate security team to streamline communication and provide full transparency about the design, layout and operation of the system between installation teams and local facility managers. The blue pull stations are located next to the fire alarm red pull stations and typically within approximately 75 feet of every employee – with the goal being no employee has to go too far to activate the system. Prior to every installation, TycoIS involves local authorities to ensure system buy-in and understanding. Following each installation, TycoIS meets with the customer’s local teams to make sure the system is transitioned properly to the local facility team.

Pulling the blue pull stations triggers a customizable, audible message, which repeats so employees know the next steps they should take, depending on the situation. It also sets off blue strobe lights that enable hearing impaired employees to take action as well. Furthermore, anyone can launch the system, which means there is no intermediary needed to have the system launched. TycoIS ensured that pulling the stations also transmits an alarm to the command center. This integrated approach means that law enforcement officials can be notified, should employees in danger at the location are unable to call authorities directly. Access to all cameras from the command center means the security team can view activities at the facility in question and direct authorities to the appropriate entry points, where the threat may be present. The command center security team can also provide live voice updates to the facility via the imminent threat system, giving employees instructions on the best action to take. 


Working together, the customer and TycoIS have installed the imminent threat pull stations at nine locations, with a goal of implementing the system at between six and 10 locations per year moving forward. Overall, the customer’s security and executive team have been extremely satisfied with the smooth and quick planning and implementation process. The customer told TycoIS what it needed, and TycoIS and its manufacturers came together with the customer to implement a solution that met the specific requirements. The customer representatives report that employees love the integrated solution and there is demand to add the system to even more locations. Both TycoIS and customer representatives feel the relationship demonstrates the importance of two progressive companies partnering to focus on the safety of employees. 

Information in this article is current as of February 21, 2014 the publication date. No part of this document may be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Tyco Integrated Security.