Complete campus security solutions

Tyco Integrated Security has dedicated specialists who work with public and private institutions to help identify and address the unique threats faced by schools, colleges and universities. From high traffic daycare centers to large university campuses, we offer integrated security technologies and systems to help protect students, employees and campus facilities, providing easy access management for authorized visitors.

Campuses, college sports facilities and other educational properties face unique security threats.  Our education solution teams possess the knowledge and experience to intelligently plan, install and support campus security solutions that address these threats. This experience comes from working closely with educational institutions and administrators on a national, state, regional and local basis, and delivering these solutions at a local level.

Our integrated solutions employ intrusion detection, access control, fire and life safety and video surveillance technologies, along with management tools to help streamline and enhance campus security operations.

Whether it’s deterring theft, vandalism and bullying, or ensuring higher levels of personal and public safety, we offer a no-cost comprehensive campus security review to show you what best-in-class security can do for your daycare center, school, school district, college/university or other educational institution.

Safer Schools Are Protected By A Complete Solution

  • 24-hour video monitoring and recording
  • Easy-to-manage electronic and biometric access control
  • Intrusion detection solutions to protect buildings and facilities
  • Solutions for problem areas where students are more likely to fight, smoke, vandalize property or sneak off campus
  • Help ensure appropriate behavior at arrival/dismissal times, between classes and at lunch periods
  • Fire safety solutions to help mitigate and manage natural or man-made disasters
  • Web-based, instant alert notification for broadcasting via phone, fax and email
  • Clear Warning alert system to provide emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
  • Money-saving purchasing agreements, including contracts awarded by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)

Higher Education Security Solutions

  • Integrated Alarms for Higher Education

    Integrated Alarms for Higher Education

    From costly lab equipment to confidential data, your school has valuable assets that make tempting targets for intruders − especially since most campus alarm systems are less rigorous than the ones safeguarding banks, healthcare facilities and other higher-profile locations. >

  • Higher Education Access Control Solutions

    Higher Education Access Control Solutions

    Johnson Controls offers a full range of customized access control solutions to help you manage access more securely, including state-of-the-art video elements and visitor and identity management systems. >

  • Higher Education Video Surveillance Solutions

    Higher Education Video Surveillance Solutions

    Johnson Controls integrated systems put the best-suited cameras, smart digital video recorders and network video recorders in all the right places to help protect you against the dangers and legal liability of unauthorized visitors; student and faculty identity theft; vandalism; and on-campus incidents. >

  • Higher Education Intrusion Detection

    Higher Education Intrusion Detection

    Rising unrest and volatility in society, combined with more targeted school attacks, makes a world-class intrusion detection system as vital to your institution’s health and reputation as your quality of education. >

  • Higher Education Fire and Life Safety Systems

    Higher Education Fire and Life Safety Systems

    Safeguard your institution with best-in-class fire detection, monitoring, environment protection and mass alert notification systems designed to meet your campus’s specialized challenges. >

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