Restaurant profitability depends on delivering a consistent customer experience with strict adherence to operational standards

Managing a chain of restaurants presents a variety of unique challenges. If you’re a franchisor optimizing your corporate store operations or a franchisee with multiple locations, high employee turnover, perishable inventory, and thin margins profitability depends on every location adhering to the finely tuned corporate operations, sanitation, and customer service procedures that you’ve put in place.  Tyco Integrated Security provides simple-to-use solutions to monitor and address security and critical operational conditions, helping you control critical success factors while using smart security solutions tailored to your operations.

Your high employee turnover requires any solution to be easy to use, needing minimal training.  You can’t be at every store at the same time, so you need to be alerted of critical issues that need to addressed, such as a freezer failure.  And you need to monitor and protect yourself from fraudulent employee transactions and slip-and-fall claims, as well as ensure that sanitation and customer service procedures are being followed to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Designed specifically for managing multiple sites, we provide commercial grade security solutions to protect your restaurant, and easy to use mobile security management solutions to help you manage your operations remotely. You can receive immediate alerts of critical conditions such as temperature and humidity. Plus, our remote video monitoring and analytics solutions help improve profitability by enabling you to see your traffic flow and ensure that each of your locations are complying with operational and regulatory standards. Our industry specialists can help you take measures to protect your operations from outside and inside threats, and help you develop new business insights to take your restaurant business to new levels of profitability.

A Full Menu Of Restaurant Security Solutions

  • Mobile security management to manage and control security, anytime, anywhere
  • Commercial grade intrusion detection to partition specific sensitive areas
  • Fire and life safety to protect staff, customers and property
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in freezers and other critical areas
  • Web portal that logs opens and closes to easily manage operational conformance
  • Video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Video analytics for insights into employee performance and customer service
  • Remote video escort service for late night employee protection

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