TycoIS has the security solutions you need to help monitor who is on your campus and meet the modern demands of school safety.

School and campus safety has changed drastically in the past few years. In the past, security measures would often consist of an office sign-in sheet and little else. But the modern demands for school safety are calling for advanced security solutions to provide peace of mind to parents and to help protect students and faculty. In order to protect your most critical assets, your people, you need a security solution that can keep an eye on who has access to your campus and when.

Safer, Smarter Solutions For Schools And Campuses

  • Better Visitor Management To Protect Students And Staff

    Go beyond a simple sign-in sheet, and use the latest access control technology to limit who has access to your campus and your students.

  • Monitor Your Campus And Who Is On It

    Use video technology to have visual documentation of who enters and exits your school or campus.

  • Recognize And React To An Emergency Situation

    Monitor and help prevent violent acts with better video surveillance and access control capabilities.

  • Help Protect Your Campus, Even When No One Is On It

    Help prevent vandalism and monitor your campus 24/7 with industry-leading video surveillance technology.

K-12 Education Security Solutions

  • K-12 Security and Funding Simplified

    K-12 Security and Funding Simplified

    In its ongoing efforts to help deliver quality learning environments, Johnson Controls now makes it easier to implement the right security solution, at discounted rates, for any K-12 organization while also helping to take advantage of recent funding. >

  • K-12 Education Video Surveillance Solutions

    K-12 Education Video Surveillance Solutions

    From classrooms to playing fields to parking lots, Johnson Controls integrated systems put the right cameras, smart digital video recorders and network video recorders in all the right places. We help protect you against intruders, identity theft, vandalism, and other dangerous incidents on school grounds. >

  • K-12 Education Fire and Life Safety Systems

    K-12 Education Fire and Life Safety Systems

    Protect lives and school property with best-in-class fire detection, monitoring, environment protection and mass alert notification systems customizable to every school’s unique challenges. >

  • K-12 Education Intrusion Detection

    K-12 Education Intrusion Detection

    For greatest peace of mind, rely on the team that has protected thousands of K-12 schools. We install top-quality systems that keep careful watch 24/7/365. You’ll find leading-edge perimeter protection and intrusion detection sensors, systems and services, all matched to your school’s specific needs. We handle it all: initial layout, installation, testing, inspection, monitoring and continued support. >

  • Physical Access Control for K-12 Education

    Physical Access Control for K-12 Education

    We can help you reduce dangerous vulnerabilities by fortifying your school buildings and surrounding grounds with physical access control structures that protect against unauthorized people, vehicles, explosives and other threats. >

  • Integrated Alarms for K-12 Education

    Integrated Alarms for K-12 Education

    Your school houses valuable assets that make tempting targets for intruders, including costly technology and confidential student and teacher data. Intruders also know that most school alarm systems are generally weaker than those at retailers, healthcare facilities, banks and other higher-profile locations. >

  • K-12 Access Control Solutions

    K-12 Access Control Solutions

    You strive to protect against intruders and predators, yet ensure a welcoming atmosphere for students, teachers and parents. Johnson Controls offers a full range of customized access control solutions to help you achieve both, including state-of-the-art video elements and visitor and identity management systems. >

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