A range of value-added remote security management services to better manage your security. With managed video, you can connect your video surveillance network to ours for a world of advanced security services by our remote video security specialists. Managed access control allows you to turn the management of your access control system over to our specialists; while our hosted access control solution lets you remotely control your system from any web device. No one offers a more flexible range of remote video surveillance and security management services.

Support Your Business Operations with Our Remote Management Services

  • Tap into remote video and security management services for enhanced security and protection
  • Managed video delivers a world of video security services using your existing video surveillance infrastucture
  • Manage video and security at multiple facilities or locations
  • Remote facility monitoring solutions
  • Remote access control
  • Remote security management services for small business to large enterprise
  • Innovative ways to optimize your business and commercial security
  • 24/7 administration and support
  • Improved monitoring, control and follow-up of security events

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