Protect your business against intrusion with smart, reliable systems that keep watch on your facilities day and night. Intruder detection is a key part of any intrusion prevention program. Our specialists work with you to develop the best intrusion detection systems to meet your unique business security challenges. Our industry-leading perimeter protection and intrusion detection solutions offer a range of intrusion detection sensors, systems and services surrounding layout, installation, intrusion detection testing, intrusion detection inspection, service and intrusion monitoring.

The Benefits Of Intrusion Detection

  • Secure your business 24/7, whether employees are present or not
  • Integrate your intrusion detection with video surveillance
  • Remote management including remote arm/disarm, and alert notification
  • Protect employees and customers with hold-up and panic buttons
  • Control your security from anywhere with Mobile Security Management
  • Car barriers, k-rated gates, card access and more to deny unauthorized access
  • Build a tailored solution using the appropriate technology for each facility
  • A full spectrum of monitoring and reporting tools to oversee facility access

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