Mobile Security Management allows you stay in control of your business even when you’re away. It provides the flexibility for you to control many aspects of your on-premise security systems, and to optimize many business activities from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or other web enabled device.

As a business owner or manager, you can remotely monitor, control, interact and observe what is going on in your place of business, with live video look-in options and more. You can set your preferences to receive text and email alerts, arm and disarm your systems, monitor after-hours access, and change employee access privileges, allowing you to stay on top of important workplace happenings 24 hours a day.

Remote control of intrusion detection and access control: Mobile Security Management allows you to remotely interact with your intrusion detection and access control systems, and to receive text or email notifications as specified events occur, complete with video look-in. This can help you protect your business with greater confidence and peace of mind while enhancing your ability to prevent losses due to internal theft and crime. The system allows you to quickly verify alarm conditions in order to avoid false alarms and to make better decisions when and if an incident occurs.

The system allows you to:

  • Arm and disarm your intrusion system from a mobile device
  • Manage and bypass zones while off-site
  • Remotely administer user access in the event of staffing or personnel issues
  • Set alerts for business open and close events to track on-site activity
  • Use live look-in to monitor employee performance, productivity, customer interaction or suspicious events
  • Conveniently supervise multiple locations from anywhere
  • Respond to occurrences that require timely attention

Video look-in: a powerful tool for security and business productivity:  Mobile Security Management provides a powerful tool for owners and management -- one that helps you enhance productivity and optimize business processes. By helping you monitor your business at any time -- through live video feeds and video clips of your business activity -- Mobil Security Management lets you see what’s happening at your business at any hour of the day and night, allowing you to identify problems early and providing the business intelligence you need to make smarter decisions that improve your operations.

Enhance Your Work/Life Balance with Greater Flexibility:  With Mobile Security Management, owners and managers are able to manage many situations remotely that otherwise might require a trip to the office. After-hours events such as deliveries or false alarms can be managed without the need for a manager or employee to be on call.  Department supervisors can enjoy the ability to focus on other aspects of their work while still being able to check in on their operations.

Manage Multi-Locations and Multi-Users:  Mobile Security Management lets you manage and assign multiple users to multiple locations, add or delete user codes, and grant temporary access to staff, service personnel or vendors. Multiple facilities can be integrated to provide a comprehensive view of operations across multiple facilities, whether next door, across town or in another part of the country.

Choose between two levels of Mobil Security Management: Mobile Security Management is available in two levels to provide the right solution for your business. Enterprise Management: With Enterprise Management you can arm and disarm your intrusion system or bypass zones when off-site from a mobile device. In addition, you can add or change user access codes and manage multiple locations remotely.  Receive notifications via text or email of preset events you want to monitor, such as, business open and close times, motion detector breaches and restricted-area doors being opened or closed.

Enterprise View: The Enterprise View service level provides all the capabilities of Enterprise Management, but also adds the ability to see live video and/or video clips from your on-premise cameras. This allows you to remotely check in on your business at any time.  You will have the ability to visually review open and close events, people on site (customers, employees and vendors) and other predetermined occurrences.

Learn more about what Mobile Security Management can do for you

Tyco Integrated Security can show you how Mobile Security Management can integrate with your existing systems, provide management flexibility like you’ve never seen before.  Take a moment to get in touch with a Tyco Integrated Security Specialist.

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