Safety and the quality of education provided are two top concerns for K-12 and are also two issues that are difficult to equally manage. However, school district leaders might be surprised to find out how implementing an integrated security approach can help improve education along with safety – all while keeping in mind the lean budget most districts operate on.

For one Alabama school district, a limited budget and aging security systems hindered the opportunity to enhance security on multiple school grounds. To determine the best route for funding and implementation, the school needed to partner with a systems integrator who could manage the project from financing methods to completion.

Tailored solutions for safety on a limited budget

With over 3,500 students spread across nine campuses, this inner-city school system’s goal was to continuously provide a safe and orderly climate, while meeting academic, social, physical and emotional needs of their students and faculty. To do so, the district partnered with Johnson Controls to devise a tailored plan that would stay within budget.

Working with school district leaders, Johnson Controls first step was to outline a long-term set of objectives. This helped organize the desired technology implementations and better determine how to maximize financial resources to meet the list of goals. Fast forward, the comprehensive plan led to upgrading multiple security systems. The most immediate impact the school district noticed was lowered alarm events for break-ins. In some cases, the new systems were able to stop threats the first day they came online. For the future, Johnson Controls is performing fire and security monitoring, and mapping out CCTV and access control for future consideration.

Security upgrades help enhance the K-12 learning environment

By overseeing security systems and controlling the budget, school officials can focus on improving other areas of the learning environment. At Johnson Controls, we understand how important it is for school districts to meet security and academic needs in order to operate more efficiently. Learn how we can help your school district seamlessly provide a safer, more comfortable learning atmosphere here.