A New Hampshire high school comprised of over 1,700 students was struggling to modernize their fire, life-safety and security systems. Their systems were siloed, and the district faced challenges in dealing with multiple vendors across existing schools. In an effort to streamline operations, school architects and engineers recognized the importance of investing in a single vendor that could support and integrate multiple technologies, and enlisted Johnson Controls to help.

An Integrated Approach to Safety and Security

To address the single systems across the high school, Johnson Controls worked closely with school decision makers to implement a comprehensive bundle of technologies that could provide a diverse range of safety and security needs. The installations included fire alarms, intercom systems, clocks, video surveillance cameras, intrusion detection and access control technologies. Johnson Controls also worked with the high school’s leaders to install a badging station which allows personnel to create their own badges and set access restrictions/permissions on a case-by-case basis. This integrated badging and access control solution helps better protect students, faculty and the physical premises, while also managing and streamlining security responsibilities.

A major impact the integration had on the high school was a faster and more robust response to emergency situations. For example, when the panic button is pushed at the school, local police are now automatically notified, and it prompts a pre-planned announcement on the intercom system which provides directions to students and faculty. Simultaneously, fire alarm connected doors drop in order to partition the school. All this occurs while granting police remote access to the video cameras in the school to monitor the situation from the police station. Without a connected solution, emergency personnel would not be able to respond as quickly to a situation at the school because high school officials would be responsible for contacting the police.

Recognizing the Benefits of a Single Vendor

As an expert in fire, life-safety and security, Johnson Controls was able to combine the necessary safety systems into one comprehensive system to support the high school’s desire to implement a modern, integrated solution to safeguard its students and faculty. Not long after the high school recognized the benefits of working with a single vendor, systems integration has become a city standard and has since been deployed into public buildings as well as other schools in the district. “Being an expert in these various fields allows Johnson Controls to bring everything together and make it very easy for us to construct and maintain these buildings,” according to the customer in New Hampshire.

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