A large global transportation company wanted to be proactive by implementing security solutions that would comply with impending Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. So, of course, it turned to North America’s largest security company—Tyco Integrated Security. Relying on our expertise in transportation security, we developed a comprehensive solution that helped the company meet the TSA’s requirements and make it a much more secure operation.

Rather than wait for new regulations from the Transportation Safety Administration regarding the electronic surveillance of cargo planes at airport ramps, one of the world’s largest express transportation companies decided to be proactive. The company, which operates through more than 375 airports worldwide, was determined to implement an immediate CCTV solution at 77 of its United States airport locations. And in addition to the plane’s cargo doors, the company wanted to provide surveillance of the pilot’s entrance and offer the ability to review activity at the plane from the time of arrival to departure.

The Tyco Integrated Security team recommended Pelco cameras and Integral Technologies digital video recorders as the primary solutions for the airport installations. The security specialist at each location would then have control over all monitoring activity and could authorize video review requests as appropriate. The Tyco Integrated Security team completed the installation within a two-month time frame.

For each location, the Tyco Integrated Security team designed a system employing between three and eight cameras aimed at the critical areas. The number of cameras was dependent upon the size and number of planes at each location. And to ensure round-the-clock visibility, day/night cameras were used.

The new system was successfully implemented in every one of the company’s 77 airport locations and has resulted in additional opportunities internationally. This customer operates in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide and is recognizing Tyco Integrated Security’s ability to service their needs globally.

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