Safety and security will continue to be a critical focus area for school districts across the country in the coming years. This means balancing other pressing priorities and budgets will also become more of a challenge. However, districts that can recognize the importance of taking a collaborative, strategic design approach to security upgrades can achieve a safer school environment while staying within budget.

Following an audit of their security systems, a school district in Pennsylvania needed a security integrator that could meet all of its security needs on a tight budget and schedule, and that is when Johnson Controls was tapped to help.

Strategic partnerships hold the keys to security success

Johnson Controls previously worked with the school district on a smaller security installation of 15 cameras, which the company was able to complete in two weeks. While a smaller scale need, Johnson Controls proactively offered design and building system suggestions and support throughout the project to help the district better achieve its objectives, one being staying within budget. It is from the expert advice received in this short timeframe that district leaders felt confident to form a more comprehensive, strategic partnership with Johnson Controls to meet the district’s larger needs.

By expanding the collaboration with Johnson Controls, the Pennsylvania school district was able to concentrate on more tactful school issues and allow Johnson Controls to drive the security approach. Staying within budget again, Johnson Controls identified ways to best connect different security systems to enhance safety and allow the school to become more integrated. One example of this is the implementation of “smart lobbies” with connected access control and visitor management technologies across building within the school district.

Beyond security, Johnson Controls helped the school district achieve its overall operational objectives, which involved leveraging its expertise around low voltage technologies. Installations included temperature monitoring in server rooms and creating interactive classrooms with smart projectors.

Improved security without an increase in budget

Partnering with a trusted security expert that also has experience in delivering additional smart building systems made it easier for the school district to reap operational benefits from the partnership far beyond security integration. By looking at comprehensive systems, Johnson Controls identified ways to consolidate and integrate the school district’s security technologies to reduce risk, which ultimately helped the district streamline its management of systems while increasing the benefits. As a result, the partnership allows for a more collaborative planning process for future initiatives. Now, each year, the district outlines priorities and Johnson Controls works toward them within budget and schedule constraints to continuously provide safer, smarter and more secure facilities for students and faculty.

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